Sunflower Home Decor – Country Farmhouse Style

When I did my country farmhouse style decorating with flower decor post, I mentioned how much I love sunflowers! They were my mom’s favorite and my absolute favorite flower! I really have been wanting to do a sunflower home decor post for a long time as there are so many sunflower accents that keep with a country farmhouse style decor. So it’s about time that I write a whole post just on sunflower home decor that has some country farmhouse style! Sunflower Room Decor There are so many different types of sunflower accents for every room in the house! Sunflower […]

Farmhouse Halloween Decor – Halloween Wall Signs

It is the beginning of August, so that means that Halloween is less than three months away. Time to start thinking about your Halloween decor and how to keep it with your farmhouse style. It really is easy to do as farmhouse decor has become popular and there are a lot of different decor accents that fit in with each holiday. You just need to know where to look. I love researching and finding farmhouse-style decor accents and especially when it is for a holiday. So, I got excited when I started looking and found so many different farmhouse Halloween […]

Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles Recipe – Garlic and Spicy

I was all set out to make a homemade dill pickle relish recipe and even had my cucumber picked from my garden. It was actually the biggest cucumber of the bunch. For some reason, they are very pale in color this year and not green. This usually doesn’t change the taste at all (it was very bitter) as the last batch of cucumbers tasted really good and was on the sweet side. So, I decided to use the English Cucumbers I had in the refrigerator. But I was still bummed! I just really wanted to make my dill pickle relish […]