Creative Birdhouses – Farmhouse Garden Decor

If you are anything like me then you love being outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is relax on the patio and listen to nature while having my morning water or tea. I don’t have a backyard at the moment but every chance I get when house sitting for friends, I am sitting in their backyard.   Creative Birdhouses – Farmhouse Garden Decor So that gave me an idea to find some creative birdhouses – farmhouse style that can be purchased at the store, online, if you are feeling creative – DIY. There are so many cute but […]

Country Patriotic Decor – Farmhouse Style

With summer almost here, there is a lot to celebrate with all the different Patriotic holidays that are coming up. Memorial Day, 4TH Of July and Labor Day! There are many more holidays during the year that would also be great to decorate with some country patriotic decor- farmhouse style. President’s Day, Flag Day, Armed Forces Day and Veteran’s Day to name a few.   Country Patriotic Decor – Farmhouse Style I love to decorate for most holidays but I also like to be able to keep some decorations up year-round all while still keeping with my farmhouse decor. So […]

Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Are you drawn to country decor and looking for country farmhouse decorating ideas? Decorating your home is an exciting and personal experience, and it’s important to have decor that speaks to you and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in your space, while still showing off your personal style.     Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas Country farmhouse design is a beautiful way to add personality to your home and create a welcoming space for you and your guests. Let’s take a look at some of the best country farmhouse decorating ideas that can help your home feel polished and stylish. […]

Best Mango Salsa Recipe

When I think about this recipe, I think of it more as a mango pico de gallo salsa recipe. To me, salsa is thinner than pico and my mango salsa is chunky just like the best homemade pico de gallo. I know there are all different kinds of recipes out there but I really just used what I already had on hand and this to me has become the best mango salsa recipe. I also love to go to farmers’ markets to get my organic fresh produce as I think the fruits and veggies taste better. I always start my […]

10 Farmhouse Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

  Father’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate all the special men that are in our lives. If you are looking for that unique gift that has a rustic or country feel then check out these 10 farmhouse gift ideas for Father’s Day.     1. Rusty Pickup Truck Planter This rusty pickup truck planter would be a great gift for any man that loves to be outdoors and also likes the look of a farmhouse garden design. The pickup truck is a metal planter and the wheels don’t move. Place this pickup truck on the porch sitting on […]

Farmhouse Style Decorating Ideas

  When it comes to decorating, it is important that your house reflects your personal style. Farmhouse style has become incredibly popular because it so perfectly captures the design aspect of many while still remaining neutral and timeless. It’s an easy trend to love and easy to build on when you are looking to choose the right design ideas for your home. Farmhouse Style Decor is a great way to be creative and inspiring with your home while finding something that you really like. If you are searching for farmhouse-style decorating ideas, then this article is written for you.   […]

Memorial Day Decorating Ideas – Farmhouse Style

  The start of summer for me is always Memorial Day. It signals warmer weather, family gatherings, and pool parties but let’s not forget what Memorial Day is all about. Memorial Day is observed the last Monday in May and honors the men and women who have passed away while serving in the military. I love to decorate for the holidays and if your home is decorated in a farmhouse style, then why not keep the theme going for this holiday. Farmhouse Patriotic decor can continue on all summer long with the Fourth of July and Labor Day as well. […]

Glass Milk Bottles – The Perfect Farmhouse Decor

  When I think of a simple farmhouse decor accent, glass milk bottles come to mind. They come in all different sizes and have many unique uses. Not only can they be a pretty country accent on an end table filled with flowers,  they can also be used in a variety of different DIY projects around the home. Where To Buy Glass Milk Bottles I didn’t realize all the different places that glass milk bottles are sold both in-store and online. If you are looking for a Brick and Mortar store to buy farmhouse glass milk bottles then you can […]

Best Raised Garden Bed Ideas

With the weather getting warmer it is definitely time to start planting your vegetable garden, and depending on where you live, you may have started already.  The optimal vegetable garden design should have some shade but mostly sun to grow the best fruits and veggies. Most vegetables need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight each day, while others do well with partial shade. Here are some of the best raised garden bed ideas to help you get your garden started. What Is The Best Vegetable Garden Design? A vegetable garden design will depend on where a person lives and […]