Six Cheap Farmhouse Decor Ideas To Fit Any Budget

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I have always loved all kinds of country decor but lately, I am obsessed with anything farmhouse. I am currently planning to build a house and I can’t wait to fill my new home with plenty of farmhouse accents. But let’s face it, whether buying or building,  a new home is not cheap. Since building a new home can be expensive I wanted to come up with some cheap farmhouse decor ideas that can fit anyone’s budget.



Save Money With These Cheap Farmhouse Decor Ideas

You really just need to use your imagination and think outside the box when shopping for home decor because there are lots of affordable options out there. What might look like just a simple item can become a nice farmhouse accent.

1. Sunflowers


I love sunflowers. They are my favorite flower and to me scream country and farmhouse. A simple yet stylish idea would be to get a white pitcher or a galvanized metal pitcher and add either fresh or dried Sunflowers. This would be the perfect touch for anywhere in the house.  You can purchase these items new or check out yard sales and second-hand shops to save money.


2. Mason Jars


Mason Jars are another cheap farmhouse decor idea that can be used in many different ways. One idea would be for the bathroom to use small Mason Jars and fill them with Q-Tips, cotton balls, or any other small bathroom items. In the Kitchen using medium to large jars, you could fill them with dried beans, rice, flour to name a few or even tea bags would be great in Mason Jars.  Mason jars are both functional and stylish.  I also like them just on the kitchen counter with flowers or even empty for a nice clean look.

Whether you buy new or repurpose ones that you already have, mason jars can be used in so many ways, making them the perfect cheap farmhouse decor.


3. Farmhouse Lanterns


I have always loved lanterns of all sizes and you can find lanterns in different stores both online and off as well as on Amazon. Just putting a candle in a lantern or even dried flowers make it a nice country accent for any part of the house. I know I like lanterns in the bathroom or sitting on the fireplace.  I bought the lantern shown above a few years ago at the Dollar Tree in both silver and green.


4. Wicker Baskets


Wicker baskets have so many different uses and come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be used for flowers to give a nice country look or in the kitchen to put cookbooks or utensils. You could even use them to hold fresh produce.  My favorite use for a large basket is to store throw pillows and blankets in the living room. Storing throw pillows and blankets will not only give your home a farmhouse feel, they are also practical to have on hand when cozying up next to the fireplace.


5. Glass Jars


All different kinds of glass jars can be used as cheap farmhouse decor in every room of the house. One simple idea would be to put some Lavender in a small jar and put it in the bathroom or kitchen. Not only does lavender look pretty, but it also smells great as well. Here's a great tip: Put the glass jar with Lavender by your bed to help you sleep at night.


6. Candles


Who doesn't like candles? They are great for any room of the house and come in so many pretty and decorative designs. A simple candle can be put in a mason jar or a candle-safe lantern. You can add other touches around the outside of the container such as flowers for a nice touch of style.

There are so many other cheap farmhouse accents that would fit into anyone's budget. Check back often as I  share more ideas for cheap farmhouse decor as well as DIY farmhouse Decor.



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 Cheap Farmhouse Decor To Fit Any Budget

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