Farmhouse Storage Ideas – Practical and Decorative

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Farmhouse-style decor has grown in popularity over the last several years, so it’s understandable that we want the trend to not only be beautiful, but functional. One of the hardest parts is figuring out how to incorporate your need for storage.

You've got to keep things consistent! Thankfully, there are several ways to create a farmhouse storage space that's organized, practical, and blends well with the rest of your home.

Let's take a look at a few different farmhouse storage ideas that are not only practical but decorative as well as the possibilities behind them!


Pantry and Kitchen Storage

This is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of a farmhouse kitchen, with everything having some sort of storage space.

Metal wire baskets can be used to store things like snacks or sweets! This makes it easy for yourself or the kids to just grab and go. You can have wire baskets sitting on your shelves or if you have a large pantry space, you can get a standing wooden multi-tier organizer that is not only practical but decorative as well.

As for ingredients like sugar, flour, and cereal,  jars with a decorative label of the content would be perfect! Making your pantry staples visible yet organized.

Small mason jars would be ideal for all your spices, you could either display them on your kitchen counter or keep them in the pantry. Either way, mason jars make a nice farmhouse storage idea. You could also DIY customizable decals for your mason jars.

Wooden crates are a lovely idea if you're going for an even more rustic look. You can use these to store anything miscellaneous, such as boxed foods, broths, and more. Wooden crates could also be stacked to hold items like potatoes and onions.


Need a place to store your fruits and veggies? Then a two-tier display tray would be perfect. Not only is it functional but it looks rustic as well.


Having a well-organized pantry and kitchen is essential, (I think) but to me, farmhouse-style storage has to look pretty as well.


Closet Storage

If you have a walk-in closet, there are countless ways to stay consistent with farmhouse-style storage!

A great place to start is with shoes, because who doesn't have too many shoes? (Well, I don't but most people do). That's why shoe organization is important for all of us.

A white wooden cubby shelf along one of the walls is perfect and it can also double as a bench. You can see all your shoes clearly and be able to choose a pair for the day quickly.

Tops and dresses don't necessarily need storage and are usually displayed on hangers, but your pants will likely need an organized space. You can opt for another cubby shelf if you want to separate jeans from khakis, or yoga pants from work slacks. Or, you can go for the "clothing store" look and have your pants folded neatly on one big shelf. Use metal or rustic wall hangers to hold handbags, jewelry, or coats.


Living Room Storage

Your living space has more need for practical but yet decorative storage than you'd think! It's so easy to want to leave magazines strewn across your coffee table or have the kids' toys exposed at all times.

If you or your family members are readers, a rustic bookshelf with cabinet doors below is a must. You could even get a cabinet with barn-style doors for a more farmhouse feel.

They're not only for books, however! You can decorate empty shelf space with plants, farmhouse signs, framed photos, or statues.

A bookshelf in your living room allows you to show off your home's personality while also being functional! The cabinet space (or a separate cabinet) works with anything else you need to store that can't be used decoratively.

As for storing toys and games, a wicker basket with a lid underneath your coffee table (or wherever you wish) makes those things accessible for the little ones and can also easily be returned for neat storage.

A storage bench would also be great to store living room items and it also allows for extra seating when you have guests over. I really like this vintage-inspired bench as it keeps with a farmhouse-style decor and is functional as well.


Wicker baskets can also be used to store extra blankets or pillows for those cold chilly mornings and evenings. Plus wicker baskets give you a nice country feel.

A galvanized bucket/bin would be a great way to store firewood to keep next to your fireplace.


These are just a few farmhouse storage ideas that are both practical but still decorative. You can go on a Hobby Lobby shopping spree or get crafty with DIY storage customizations. Your home can be both fabulous and functional with a little creativity and a whole lot of spirit!

There are many more rooms of the house where storage is important, so check back often as I cover more farmhouse-style storage ideas.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to organization in a farmhouse-style home.


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