DIY Sunflower Centerpiece – Easy Dollar Tree Craft

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I know I have said it before if you have read some of my previous posts but I love Sunflowers and they were my mom’s favorite as well.

One day I want to plant a lot of sunflowers in my backyard so I can enjoy their beauty. For now, I will look for different sunflower crafts that adults can make but also an easy enough arts and crafts project for kids.

So when I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and I saw they had artificial sunflowers that actually look really nice, I bought a few (I had to control myself to not buy them all). That got me wanting to make an DIY sunflower centerpiece that can be a easy Dollar Tree craft. What is better than that?

What You Need To Make My Easy Sunflower Craft

Supplies Needed:

  • Glass Vase: I used a glass milk bottle vase ( A galvanized bucket would look nice too).
  • Sunflowers: I bought three bunches.
  • Fall Leaves
  • Fall Wheat Bushes
  • Decorative Rocks: These come in different colors ( I used the river rocks).
  • Twine: Twine comes in many colors, I used the traditional brown.
  • Burlap Ribbon: This ribbon is burlap with lace ribbon running down the center.
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun or Glue Dots ( I used glue dots).


This really is a very easy sunflower craft that is almost too simple to make! But hey, easy is good and this a great arts and crafts for kids to join in on.

Who knew that Dollar Tree had such great craft supplies ( I sure didn't). I spent $7.00 on this simple craft as I already had some of the supplies on hand.

This would look great as a centerpiece for your dining table as well as on an end or entryway table to enhance your farmhouse Fall decor.


DIY Dollar Tree Craft Instructions

1. Fill your glass vase of choice with rocks ( I filled about halfway)

2. Arrange your sunflowers, fall leaves, and foliage how you want. I like my flower arrangements to look full with some height.

3. Next wrap the burlap lace around your vase crisscross to measure how long you want it. I left enough so that I could curl the ends but you may need more or less depending on the size of your vase. I also cut the end of each ribbon at an angle.

4. Use hot glue gun or glue dots to secure your burlap lace ribbon in place.

5. Double up a piece of twine and wrap around the burlap and tie in a bow.

6. Curl the ends of the burlap by rolling the ends up till you get the desired curl you want.

That's it!  A DIY sunflower centerpiece that's also a fun and easy Dollar Tree craft! It really is that easy and you may already have some or all of the supplies you need already on hand but if not the Dollar Tree is a great place to find some inspiration for DIY Dollar Tree Crafts!

I will be visiting different dollar stores to find more craft projects. So check back for more easy craft ideas for the holidays.


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