10 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts – Farmhouse Style

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day is February 14th and is so much more than a Hallmark Holiday. I don’t know about you but I don’t need a special day to know that I am loved as I am loved every day 🙂 I think most people get caught up in the idea of having a special day to show your kids, significant other, and even your pets how much you love them. So I came up with what I think are 10 creative Valentine’s Day gifts that also fit in […]

Farmhouse Halloween Gift Ideas And Decor

  You may not think of Halloween as a time to give gifts but any holiday is a good time for gift giving. Halloween is just not for passing out candy. It is also a great time to bring small Halloween gifts to friends and family if you are going to parties and it’s a great time to decorate both indoors and out. Plus farmhouse decor fits in perfectly with the fall season and is so easy to incorporate spooky elements all while keeping with your farmhouse style. This makes it really simple to give gifts all while decorating for […]

10 Farmhouse Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

  Father’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate all the special men that are in our lives. If you are looking for that unique gift that has a rustic or country feel then check out these 10 farmhouse gift ideas for Father’s Day.     1. Rusty Pickup Truck Planter This rusty pickup truck planter would be a great gift for any man that loves to be outdoors and also likes the look of a farmhouse garden design. The pickup truck is a metal planter and the wheels don’t move. Place this pickup truck on the porch sitting on […]

10 Farmhouse Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

  Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate the women in our lives, to say thank you and make them feel special.  If you are looking for just the right gift for mom then check out these 10 farmhouse gift ideas for Mother’s Day that any mom would love.   1. YOU ARE LOVED DECORATIVE BOOK STACK This decorative book stack is a fun way to add simple farmhouse charm to any room. This bundle is hand stamped with the words “You Are Loved” and would look beautiful sitting on a table or shelf with some flowers next to them. […]