Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

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Are you drawn to country decor and looking for country farmhouse decorating ideas? Decorating your home is an exciting and personal experience, and it’s important to have decor that speaks to you and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in your space, while still showing off your personal style.



Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Country farmhouse design is a beautiful way to add personality to your home and create a welcoming space for you and your guests. Let's take a look at some of the best country farmhouse decorating ideas that can help your home feel polished and stylish.




Whitewashed Wood

One of the most popular techniques for creating a farmhouse look is using whitewashed wood that has a worn-in look. The white wood and neutral tones are effortless and offer a bare, rustic look that's both inviting and relaxing.

Whitewashed wood is a classic country staple that is typically found in most country farmhouse interior designs. The white wood acts as a great base and neutral shade to build the rest of your decor off on.

Whitewood is the perfect foundation to use for dining tables and accent tables to give your home some country flair. You could also use accent pieces that are whitewashed like candle holders to put on your fireplace mantel or even wood signs to give a country feel.

Fun Florals

Once you have a neutral foundation, don't be afraid to play with color! Florals are the perfect way to add color and depth to your space without overdoing it.

Floral patterns are very popular in country farmhouse style decorating and can really brighten up any area in your home. This can be achieved with floral furniture or accent pieces.

Florals look great on accent chairs, ottomans, and throw pillows, you can mix and match them to add a funky countryside feel. You can also incorporate different textured materials to add even more dimension and personality to your space.

Another idea to give your home some country decor is with a white farmhouse milk pitcher and add either fresh or dried flowers. My personal favorite are sunflowers!


Gallery Walls

One element that can really help you create a welcoming and country farmhouse design is using gallery walls in your home.

Gallery walls are typically included in country-inspired homes and can be used to store pictures or artwork. Having a gallery wall can help you amplify the look of your space and gives you the freedom to add your own personal touch to it.

Gallery walls look best in long hallways and open spaces to really showcase your framed photos. You can play around with different types of frames to heighten the rustic aesthetic.


Bronze Accents

Bronze is a country farmhouse staple that pairs beautifully with rustic decor.

Bronze chandeliers are a great focal piece and can really add a cozy feel to your space. Bronze pendant lights also create a warm effect and work well in kitchens or even over an entryway table.

The bronze fixtures complement white wood to create a country look while still keeping your walls looking fresh. Bronze is a gorgeous choice for lighting, but it can be used to achieve a country look in other elements as well. For example, using bronze handles on your kitchen cabinets or even a bronze kitchen faucet. Bronze door knobs throughout your home would also give you a nice country feel.




Country farmhouse decorating ideas are easy to adapt to any space and it's important to remember that the elements you use should reflect your personal taste.

A great way to incorporate a country farmhouse decor look into your home is using shades of white wood and creating gallery walls. Some other tips include using floral patterns and bronze fixtures as focal points in your room.

All of these elements will help create a more rustic and country-inspired space for you and your family.

I hope all the country farmhouse decorating ideas above have given you some inspiration on how you want to decorate your country farmhouse. Check back often as I explore more farmhouse decor ideas.


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