Fourth Of July Centerpieces – Farmhouse Table Decor

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I love everything about the patriotic holidays and all the red, white & blue! Starting at the end of May with Memorial Day and following with Fourth Of July and Labor Day. During the summer months, it’s such a great chance to use all your country patriotic decor as well as set your farmhouse table with patriotic Fourth of July centerpieces.



There are so many different kinds of farmhouse table decor that can be bought or you could make homemade 4th of July centerpieces. I love that many of these decor ideas can be used for all the patriotic holidays and some are cute enough to be left out year-round.



Fourth Of July Centerpieces For Indoor & Outdoor - That Can Be DIY

  • White Milk Can With Red, White & Blue Flowers
  • Mason Jar With Pinwheels
  • Glass Bottles With American Flags
  • Candles
  • Decorative Lanterns
  • Glass Jars With Red, White & Blue Candy
  • Wicker Basket With Flowers
  • Wicker Rattan Or Twine Balls


Those are just a few cheap decor ideas that you can make homemade 4th Of July Centerpieces. You may have some or all of the items in your house already, if not then check out the Dollar Tree or .99 cents store for some amazing items that you can make these DIY crafts with. Either way, just have fun and enjoy decorating!




Fourth of July Table Centerpieces

I love getting creative with crafts but sometimes it's easier to buy your Fourth Of July Centerpieces. Below are a few centerpieces that are ready-made that you can place on your table for easy decorating.

American Glory Bouquet

Probably the first thing people think about when looking for a centerpiece is a floral arrangement since it is the most common. Flowers make great centerpieces and 4th Of July floral centerpieces can be customized to fit your table size and farmhouse style decor.

This American Glory Bouquet is arranged around American flags and showcases red carnations, blue delphiniums, and white lilies. You can choose from three sizes depending on how big of a floral centerpiece you would like.

Independence Bouquet

Yes, I know I already have a 4th Of July centerpiece with flowers above but I couldn't resist this Independence bouquet. It would not only look great on your farmhouse kitchen table but depending on what size you get it would also look nice as a farmhouse side table decor accent.

This bouquet is displayed in a clear glass bowl and filled with white lilies, red roses and Queen Anne's lace. A sheer blue ribbon ties it all together.

Patriotic Spray Centerpieces

Make your tables sparkle with these patriotic spray centerpieces, they are perfect for your Fourth Of July table decor both inside and outside.

These come in a set of three, measure approximately 17.7" and feature star and American flag cutouts made of foil.

Dress up your backyard tables for a fun and festive look with these patriotic centerpieces.

Decorative Candle Patriotic Lantern

Another 4th Of July table decor idea is this decorative candle patriotic lantern. It can be hung on your patio when you are not using it for a Fourth of July Centerpiece.

The lantern features an American flag, measures 3.75"X3.75"X7.5" and a 1.5" diameter pillar candle fits inside (candle not included ). This has a tempered glass cylinder and has a metal frame that is durable.

This would look especially nice for your outdoor table decorations to give your patio a country patriotic glow.




Semi-Homemade Fourth of July Centerpieces

I wanted to be able to elaborate more on homemade July 4th centerpiece ideas that can be bought in-store or online. The farmhouse-style decor items below are just the base of the centerpiece and then you would fill with your favorite country patriotic decor accent.


Navy Brighton Bucket With Stars

This Navy bucket with stars would make a great Fourth Of July table decor centerpiece. Not only is it decorative but it can be functional as well. The bucket has a gold handle and is 10¼''W x 5¾''D x 9''H.

This navy bucket could be both an outdoor or indoor 4th Of July decor centerpiece. Fill with your favorite dried flowers for a country patriotic centerpiece to add a pop of color to any table. If you want your centerpiece to also be functional then fill it with utensils and napkins and place it on your buffet table.

Farmhouse Storage Box

I seriously love this farmhouse storage box! Not only can it be used year-round depending on what flowers you place inside but it's long enough to fill the center of your table. It would look great for your farmhouse kitchen table decor.

This farmhouse storage box is made of metal & wood and measures 20¼"W x 9¼"D x 8½"H.

Fill this with your favorite dried red, white, and blue flowers for the perfect Fourth Of July table decor. Not into flowers? How about filling this box with all your holiday napkins and utensils for a decorative and functional centerpiece.

Wood Tray With Glass Bottles

Another 4th Of July centerpiece idea is this wood tray with glass bottles. I really like when you can use a decoration for more than one season depending on just the color of flowers that you use.

This wood tray with glass bottles is just that decor item that can be left out all year long and decorated to match every holiday. This comes with a set of five bottles both large and small and measure 16" x 5.5" x 11" H (Overall)

Fill the bottles with red, white, and blue flowers for the perfect Fourth of July table decor. The bottles would also look great with pinwheels placed inside.

Pedestal Dish

When I first saw this pedestal dish I thought this is really a great farmhouse decor piece but how do I make it into a Fourth Of July centerpiece?

I think I have come up with a pretty 4th of July Centerpiece idea that would be inexpensive to DIY. Just fill this white pedestal dish with patriotic wicker rattan balls or you could put some flameless candles inside with some red, white & blue decorative rocks.

This has a cast iron base, is made of metal,  measures 6'' dia. x 3''H and has black trim.


There you have it! A few ready-made Fourth Of July Centerpieces as well as some homemade 4th of July centerpiece ideas that take very little to DIY with help from items that you either have at home or a centerpiece base that you buy. Have a safe and happy 4th of July and happy decorating!



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