Farmhouse Halloween Decor – Halloween Wall Signs

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It is the beginning of August, so that means that Halloween is less than three months away. Time to start thinking about your Halloween decor and how to keep it with your farmhouse style. It really is easy to do as farmhouse decor has become popular and there are a lot of different decor accents that fit in with each holiday.

You just need to know where to look.

I love researching and finding farmhouse-style decor accents and especially when it is for a holiday. So, I got excited when I started looking and found so many different farmhouse Halloween decor accents that were Halloween wall signs.

I want to focus on Halloween wall signs in this post, and later in another post, I will share more farmhouse Halloween decor.

There are so many different kinds of Halloween wall art, from spooky and scary to funny and sarcastic! You choose what you like best, I will post a little of each.

DIY Halloween Wall Decor

Before I get into all the different Halloween wall decor, I want to take a few minutes to give some ideas for DIY Halloween decor.

Lately, I have been getting into crafting and plan to do more in the future as there are so many great craft accessories and you don't have to spend a fortune.

I like to get a lot of my DIY craft supplies from Dollar Tree. As I was browsing their site the other day I found this great Halloween bat printable and would love to share it with you.

  • Mummy Front Door
  • Spider Cut-outs
  • Vinyl Door Decorations
  • Halloween Wreath
  • Candy Corn Garland
  • Floating Frames
  • Light-up Spider Web
  • Paper Bats

All of these DIY Halloween Decor items can either be Halloween wall art or hung from the front door or ceiling.

Halloween Wall Signs

Ghost And Goblins Rustic Halloween Sign

Welcome, all the ghosts and goblins to your home with this ghost and goblins rustic Halloween sign.

This features a fun Halloween saying in seasonal colors, is made of wood, and measures 8" x 10" H, 16" x 20" H, 18" x 24" H (available in 3 sizes)

This would look great hanging in your living or family room for all your friends and family to see.

Spooky Pumpkins Wall Art

I love this spooky pumpkins wall art as it has so much holiday charm and character. It features pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns on a black background. This would look perfect hanging in your kitchen or entryway or even on your fireplace mantel.

This pumpkins wall art is available in two sizes that measure 24" x 12" H, 48" x 24" H, and is made of wood and canvas.

Out Of Candy Halloween Sign

This out of candy Halloween sign is funny and would be great to hang in the kitchen. You could also hang it on your front porch if you're not giving out candy!

This Halloween sign would be the perfect accent for your farmhouse Halloween decor. It is made of wood, available in two sizes that measure 12" x 4" H, 24" x 8" H.

Flying Witch Silhouette Wall Art

This flying witch wall art is the perfect Halloween wall sign to add a little fun but spooky to your Halloween decor. This would pair perfectly with the dark grass and bamboo broom and the witch is in Halloween sign.

Display these separately or on a gallery wall! The Halloween signs are each made of wood and available in various sizes to choose from. The witch's broom is made of bamboo, nylon, and cotton.

Have fun with all these designs as they all will add some spooky fun to your farmhouse decor.

When Witches Go Riding Print

I love this when witches go riding print as it looks rustic! This is a 11X14 print that is not framed and is printed on semi-matte paper and would look especially good in a rustic wooden frame.

This farmhouse Halloween decor wall print would look great hanging in any room of the house and would also, make a great inexpensive gift.

Pumpkin Halloween Wall Decor

Another great farmhouse Halloween decor item is this jack-o-lantern canvas wall art.

This is a 16X12 canvas print, that is also available in a variety of different designs. The Halloween sign is on a wooden frame and ready to hang.

Hey Boo Rustic Halloween Sign

Greet your guests in style with this hey boo sign! This Halloween wall art is so cute and features a white ghost that says (hey boo).

This Halloween wall sign is framed and available in three different sizes. This would also make a great Halloween gift for friends or family.

Well, that's it for farmhouse Halloween decor that are Halloween wall signs. Since it's early in the season, I will be adding more Halloween wall art as I find one's that match with a farmhouse-style decor.

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