Creative Birdhouses – Farmhouse Garden Decor

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If you are anything like me then you love being outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is relax on the patio and listen to nature while having my morning water or tea. I don’t have a backyard at the moment but every chance I get when house sitting for friends, I am sitting in their backyard.


Creative Birdhouses - Farmhouse Garden Decor

So that gave me an idea to find some creative birdhouses - farmhouse style that can be purchased at the store, online, if you are feeling creative - DIY.

There are so many cute but also decorative birdhouses and bird feeders around that it's hard to buy or make just one. So I have put together my favorite creative birdhouses - farmhouse garden decor, to make your selection easier.




DIY Creative and Unusual Birdhouse Ideas (With Materials You May Have Around Your House)

  • Mason Jar
  • Coffee Can
  • Teapot
  • Tea Cup & Saucer
  • Milk Carton
  • Dry Gourd
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • PVC Pipes
  • Clay Pot
  • Wine Bottle
  • Watering Can


There are so many unusual birdhouses around that they can really become a piece of artwork making it not only functional for your bird friends but also a pretty farmhouse garden decor. Just use your imagination and look around your house to see what interesting things could be made into a birdhouse.

Really anything can be used as long as you can clean out the item so birds can nest in them. Just remember not to use any products that could be toxic to birds or their food sources.

If you can't find anything at home try your hand at a dollar store as there are some great finds for really cheap.




Unusual Birdhouses and Bird Feeders That Can Be Bought Online

With so many different birdhouse designs out there it may be hard to choose just one especially if you are keeping with farmhouse garden decor. Whether you are looking for a traditional birdhouse or just a birdfeeder, here are my top picks for both functional and decorative creative birdhouses - farmhouse style.


1. Milk Can Birdhouse

You could make a birdhouse out of an old milk can if you have one but if not then this would be the perfect rustic birdhouse for your garden.

This milk can birdhouse can easily be hung with its keyhole hangers and measures 7"W x 5"D x 11"H. Hang this in your backyard on a tree or your patio.

2. Happy Camper Metal Birdhouse

This happy camper metal birdhouse looks vintage and would be great for anyone that loves to camp but wants to keep with rustic decor. The birdhouse can hang from the 15" chain that comes with it or can sit on any tabletop.

What a great way to add some farmhouse garden decor to any backyard. Your bird friends will love their new home as well.


3. Saltbox House Metal Birdhouse

This saltbox house metal birdhouse resembles the old saltbox houses that have pitched long roofs.

It is made of metal, features a red sloped roof, has holes to hang it with, and measures 10"W x 5½"D x 10"H.

This would be great hanging on your porch or patio just for decoration or hang it in your backyard and enjoy watching all the birds in their new home.

4. Huge Antiqued Metal Birdhouse

Wow! I love the design of this antiqued metal birdhouse. Not only does it look like a rustic birdhouse it is also perfect for your outdoor garden decor (as this is just for decoration).

Made of metal, it has a painted bottom that is distressed and measures 15"Wx 14.5"Dx 27" H.

Bring some rustic decor to any room of your house. Place this on your mantel above the fireplace, on an end table, or even as a farmhouse accent piece in the bathroom.

5. Hanging Birdhouse Teapot

This hanging birdhouse teapot is absolutely adorable! It is for decorative purposes only but would make a great addition to your backyard or patio if you are looking for some farmhouse garden decor.

This is made of metal and measures 12.5"Wx 7.5"D x 9.5" H (23" hanging height).

Hang inside or out. You could also add some flowers or greenery in the hole for some color.

6. Backyard Buddies Bird Feeder

If you are looking for a bird feeder instead of a birdhouse then this backyard buddies bird feeder is perfect for you, and you can feed many birds at once.

This measures 7''W x 6''D x 10½''H.  Just flip the top up and fill with your favorite bird seed.

Hang this in your backyard on a tree or fence post so you can watch the birds feed from your patio.

7. White Daisy Bird Feeder

This white daisy bird feeder garden stake would make the perfect farmhouse garden decor for your back or front yard. It is not only beautiful but also functional.

The bird feeder is made of cast iron and measures 8"W x 6½"D x 34"H.


8. Hanging Mason Jar Bird Feeder

I love farmhouse decor that involves mason jars so I had to include this hanging mason jar bird feeder in my favorite creative birdhouses list.

Easily fill this bird feeder by unscrewing the base. It measures 8" dia. x 8½"H and the rope is included for hanging.

Hang this mason jar bird feeder from any tree or even from your patio.

So there you have it some of my favorite creative birdhouses - farmhouse garden decor that are both functional as well as decorative. There are many more that I want to add to the list so check back often as I add new unusual birdhouses that will fit in with your farmhouse decor.


Looking For More Creative Birdhouses?

Here are a few more birdhouses that will fit in perfectly with your farmhouse style.


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