Easy Butterfly Craft For Kids – Garden Solar Light

DIY Dollar Tree crafts have become very popular lately or maybe they have been for a while and I am just catching on! Curious to what craft items are available, I have been going into the different Dollar Trees that are near me (we actually have a bunch). They all seem to have the same basic stuff but have different embellishments and are so much cheaper than craft stores like Michaels. As I was out today with my sis, we went into a Dollar Tree on the way home from running errands and picked up the supplies to make a […]

DIY Sunflower Centerpiece – Easy Dollar Tree Craft

I know I have said it before if you have read some of my previous posts but I love Sunflowers and they were my mom’s favorite as well. One day I want to plant a lot of sunflowers in my backyard so I can enjoy their beauty. For now, I will look for different sunflower crafts that adults can make but also an easy enough arts and crafts project for kids. So when I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and I saw they had artificial sunflowers that actually look really nice, I bought a few (I had […]