Fall Table Decorating Ideas – Country Farmhouse Tables

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Fall is right around the corner so now is the time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your country farmhouse tables. Fall table decor doesn’t have to be just centerpieces! It can be as simple as fall color linens, plates, and decorative glasses.

I have seen some absolutely beautiful fall tables online and want to be able to share my ideas on how to decorate for fall.

Plus, I may even learn something along the way! Especially how to DIY fall table decorations.

So let's talk about fall table decorating ideas for your country farmhouse tables!

DIY Fall Table Decorations

Before I get into the different fall table decor, I want to give a few DIY fall table decor ideas. Because there are so many inexpensive ways that you can decorate yourself or take a little help from fall decor that you can buy.

Plus, your tables can just have a simple centerpiece or can be decorated for fall the full length of your table.

Either way, your country fall table decor will be beautiful!

  • Fall Tablecloth or Runner
  • Fall Color Plates and Linens
  • Candle Centerpiece with Fall Flowers
  • Sunflower Fall Centerpiece
  • Mini Faux Pumpkins with Fall Leaves
  • Rustic Display (Pinecones, Fall leaves, Acorns)
  • Mason Jars with Wheat Stalks or Faux Grass Bundles
  • Gourds and Pumpkins
  • Mini Pumpkins in Glass Vases

All of the ideas above would look great incorporated with either a fall tablecloth or table runner. Add in some matching plates and linens and your table will be beautiful!

Fall Table Decor

For me, I like to have a more simple fall table and nothing tall in height, unless I remove it while eating dinner with friends and family. I don't like having a conversation and not being able to see the person because my centerpiece is in the way!

So with that being said, I do like a medium height but yet full centerpiece. Just keep in mind that you may want to remove it before sitting down to eat.

Let's get started putting together some simple fall table decor accents that can be used alone or incorporated with other items.

Country Farmhouse Tables

First off, I would say find what color scheme you want to use for your fall table. Then pick a table runner and or tablecloth and the rest will be easy.

Whether it's dark orange, red, brown, or fall plaid colors, you are sure to find the look you want.

Once you have this decided then I think, the rest will come to you and be easy to decide what decor accents will look best.

Fall Colored Tablecloths And Runners

I mentioned above that I think, the best place to start is finding what color tablecloth and or runner you want and go from there. So that's where I am going to start!

I like the look of a tablecloth on the table for holiday dinners but for my fall country table decor, I prefer a runner. That way my farmhouse table is not covered up. Everyone will have their own opinion, this is just my personal preference.

Fall Color Tablecloths

If I am going to do a fall tablecloth then I would either do a solid color or a plaid print. Here are two that I like and would go nicely with many country fall decor accents.

I like this solid color Bison (looks like burnt orange to me) color tablecloth. It is the perfect shade to dress up your table for fall and would go perfect with many different fall accents.

It is made of cotton and polyester and measures 60" x 120". This is available in different sizes and colors.

As far as a plaid print for my fall table, there are two that I like and can't decide which. Sometimes when I can't decide I buy both!

I really like this autumn rustic tablecloth as it would go with many different fall decor items but would also look good alone with just a simple centerpiece. I think it could also be used around Christmas time as well, as the colors would match both times.

This comes in a variety of sizes and has coordinating placemats that are available.

The other tablecloth that I like and can't decide on is this checkered tablecloth but I call it plaid. This has all the fall colors and comes in a variety of sizes. This also would look great on your farmhouse table alone or decorated with a centerpiece, only you can decide.

Fall Table Runner Ideas

Let's move on to fall table runners, as these will dress up your table all while not covering up the beauty of your farmhouse kitchen or dining room table.

OMG! So many to choose from!

I narrowed it down to three fall table runners but I really wanted to pick more! The three runners that I picked follow in line with my tablecloth choices, with one being solid, one plaid, and then a fall runner.

Fall Orange Table Runner

I love the idea of a solid-color table runner as it leaves a blank canvas for your fall table decor. This table runner comes in a variety of sizes and napkins are available as well. This is made of a polyester blend and is hand-stitched.

Fall Plaid Table Runner

My second choice is this plaid table runner. I love the fall colors and how versatile it can be with your fall decor. It is made of cotton, comes in a variety of sizes, and is machine washable.

It's Fall Y'all Table Runner

There are so many really cute table runners and it seems like gnomes are big this year as I have been seeing them in different holiday decor. I didn't pick a gnome runner but they are very cute!

I like, it's fall y'all table runner as it has country charm but is still cute. This features mason jars and fall leaves and measures 13 x 72.

Fall Table Decorating Ideas

Ok, now that I have covered the basics and our tables have either a fall tablecloth or fall table runner, it is time for some fun. Decorating your fall table!

To me this is the fun part, I love to be creative and I usually impress myself with what I come up with LOL. Plus I love to shop!


Artificial Fall Leaves, Pumpkins, And Gourds

First off I think it's a good idea to have a variety of artificial fall leaves or faux fall leaves, pumpkins, and gourds. You can do so much with them and they make a good filler for your other fall decor accents.

This 182 piece set has a little of everything and I love that the leaves are all separate as it makes placement easy. If you have fall leaves in your backyard and real pumpkins and gourds those would look awesome on your table as well.

Rustic Metal Pumpkin Centerpiece

This rustic pumpkin centerpiece would be the perfect focal point for your fall table. The pumpkin is made of metal that is copper-colored and features acorns, fall leaves, and berries.

There is a flickering LED candle included (batteries sold separately). Display this on the center of your table with fall leaves and pumpkins around it for a pretty fall centerpiece.

Milk Pitcher Fall Centerpiece

I love how different this milk pitcher centerpiece is and it would look great alone on your fall table or paired together with other fall accents.

This features fall leaves, apples, and berries all inside of a country-looking milk pitcher. It measures 15.7x5.1 inches.

Harvest Table Centerpiece

This is one fall centerpiece that would be perfectly displayed on your table alone. No other fall accents are needed as this would look great on its own.

The harvest fall centerpiece has pumpkins made of velvet, pinecones, berries, and fall leaves. A wood base is included and features a thankful sign that is made of metal. It measures 24.61 x 5.91 x 15.55 inches.

Three Piece Pumpkin Set

These decorative pumpkins are too cute not to post! Not only would they look great as part of your fall centerpiece but they would also look great on an entry table, side table, or fireplace mantel.

The pumpkins are made of resin, come as a set of three, and are hand-painted. Display these on your fall table and surround them with fall leaves and or candles, would look nice. I even like how they are pictured with rustic wood under them.

Mason Jar Centerpiece

I wouldn't be me if I didn't post at least one mason jar fall decor centerpiece. If you have read any of my other posts then you would know I love to decorate with mason jars.

These mason jars fall centerpiece come as a set of five 16 ounce jars and are hand-painted. It comes with either a wood or metal tray (your choice), the flowers are optional as well but they add the perfect touch. Either choose to add them in or use your own fall flowers.

I love that this mason jar set is so versatile and can be used all year long or for other holidays. Just change out the flowers and the coordinating decor accents.

Fall Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Now, I want to talk about different fall candle centerpieces and once again there are so many to choose from. So, I picked a few that I like.

Most of these can be displayed only or paired with other fall accents. I'm excited because I love candles!

Metal Votive Candelabra

I have a metal votive candelabra almost similar to this one and I absolutely love it! I love that it is a blank canvas and can be decorated for each holiday. For example, for fall I would wrap fall leaves around the candelabra and intertwined. Plus I would accent with pumpkins, gourds, and other fall accents. For Christmas, I love to wrap poinsettias intertwined around the candelabra.

This can be done for any holiday!

This comes with five glass votive holders and measures 13.58 x 5.9 x 2.83 inches. I love how many ways this candelabra can be used.

Candle Holders With Fall Wreaths

These wooden candle holders come with two holders and two fall wreaths to wrap around the candle holders. These would look great displayed with the fall foliage and pumpkins.

These can also be used for other holidays, just change out the leaves or flowers and you have a totally different centerpiece.

Metal Lanterns Set

I love lanterns too, I seem to like a lot of things! From Mason jars, sunflowers, candles, and lanterns to name a few. So naturally, I would include this set of two fall lanterns.

These have an antique finish and include fall accent pieces, that you would put together in the style you want after it arrives. The lanterns measure: large 17-In. X 7-In. X 7-In. small measures 12-In. X 5-In. X 5-In.

The lanterns can also be used for other holidays by changing out the accent pieces or they would look nice with just the lanterns themselves.

Fall Centerpiece Candle Holder

My last fall table decorating idea is this fall centerpiece votive candle holder. This comes as a complete set with everything pictured, except the LED candles which are sold separately.

This set features a plaid bow, fall leaves, pumpkins, berries, and pinecones. This would also look nice on your fireplace mantle.

There you have it, my version of fall table decorating ideas for your country farmhouse tables. I would love to see pictures of your fall tables if you would like to share them with me in the comments.

Just have fun with your fall decor as there is no right or wrong way to decorate. These were just my ideas of how to incorporate different fall decor accents with other pieces.


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