10 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts – Farmhouse Style

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day is February 14th and is so much more than a Hallmark Holiday. I don’t know about you but I don’t need a special day to know that I am loved as I am loved every day 🙂 I think most people get caught up in the idea of having a special day to show your kids, significant other, and even your pets how much you love them. So I came up with what I think are 10 creative Valentine’s Day gifts that also fit in […]

Farmhouse Halloween Gift Ideas And Decor

  You may not think of Halloween as a time to give gifts but any holiday is a good time for gift giving. Halloween is just not for passing out candy. It is also a great time to bring small Halloween gifts to friends and family if you are going to parties and it’s a great time to decorate both indoors and out. Plus farmhouse decor fits in perfectly with the fall season and is so easy to incorporate spooky elements all while keeping with your farmhouse style. This makes it really simple to give gifts all while decorating for […]

Fall Table Decorating Ideas – Country Farmhouse Tables

Fall is right around the corner so now is the time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your country farmhouse tables. Fall table decor doesn’t have to be just centerpieces! It can be as simple as fall color linens, plates, and decorative glasses. I have seen some absolutely beautiful fall tables online and want to be able to share my ideas on how to decorate for fall. Plus, I may even learn something along the way! Especially how to DIY fall table decorations. So let’s talk about fall table decorating ideas for your country farmhouse tables! DIY […]

Sunflower Home Decor – Country Farmhouse Style

When I did my country farmhouse style decorating with flower decor post, I mentioned how much I love sunflowers! They were my mom’s favorite and my absolute favorite flower! I really have been wanting to do a sunflower home decor post for a long time as there are so many sunflower accents that keep with a country farmhouse style decor. So it’s about time that I write a whole post just on sunflower home decor that has some country farmhouse style! Sunflower Room Decor There are so many different types of sunflower accents for every room in the house! Sunflower […]

Farmhouse Halloween Decor – Halloween Wall Signs

It is the beginning of August, so that means that Halloween is less than three months away. Time to start thinking about your Halloween decor and how to keep it with your farmhouse style. It really is easy to do as farmhouse decor has become popular and there are a lot of different decor accents that fit in with each holiday. You just need to know where to look. I love researching and finding farmhouse-style decor accents and especially when it is for a holiday. So, I got excited when I started looking and found so many different farmhouse Halloween […]

Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles Recipe – Garlic and Spicy

I was all set out to make a homemade dill pickle relish recipe and even had my cucumber picked from my garden. It was actually the biggest cucumber of the bunch. For some reason, they are very pale in color this year and not green. This usually doesn’t change the taste at all (it was very bitter) as the last batch of cucumbers tasted really good and was on the sweet side. So, I decided to use the English Cucumbers I had in the refrigerator. But I was still bummed! I just really wanted to make my dill pickle relish […]

Fall Home Decorating Ideas With Harvest Decor

Yes, I know it’s still summer but cooler weather and fall will be here before we know it. So, it got me thinking about different ways to decorate with harvest decor. I love this time of year, especially the cooler weather! I love to be relaxed in front of the fireplace with a cozy blanket and a hot mug of tea! There are many ways to decorate for fall both inside and outside your home. So, I came up with some fall harvest decorating ideas that can be bought online. Halloween and Thanksgiving both are in the fall months. For […]

Country Farmhouse Style Decorating With Flower Decor

There are so many different ways to decorate your country farmhouse home and flowers fit right in with country farmhouse style decorating. Plus there are so many different floral patterns or designs and if you are like me you have your favorites. For me I love sunflowers but I will try not to be biased while I am writing about all the different floral decor choices. Country Farmhouse Style Decor While incorporating flowers into your country farmhouse style decor you will have many different options to choose from, since flowers look great on/or in many different accent pieces. Such as […]

Easy Butterfly Craft For Kids – Garden Solar Light

DIY Dollar Tree crafts have become very popular lately or maybe they have been for a while and I am just catching on! Curious to what craft items are available, I have been going into the different Dollar Trees that are near me (we actually have a bunch). They all seem to have the same basic stuff but have different embellishments and are so much cheaper than craft stores like Michaels. As I was out today with my sis, we went into a Dollar Tree on the way home from running errands and picked up the supplies to make a […]

Farmhouse Fall Decor – Rustic And Country

Fall, also referred to as Autumn, is just around the corner. It starts at the beginning of September and goes until the end of November. So now is the time to start thinking about your fall farmhouse-style decor. There is so much to decorate for in the fall with Halloween and Thanksgiving in between it all. Farmhouse fall decor – rustic and country fits right into these holidays.   Farmhouse Fall Decorating Ideas I love this time of year as the days are a little cooler and the nights are perfect weather for sitting around a fire with a good […]

10 Farmhouse Garden Decor Ideas

If the inside of your house is decorated with farmhouse-style decor then why not carry it outside to your garden? This will keep both the inside and outside of your home and garden decor cohesive. Every time I am in a cutesy country store or in a boutique, I always see something that I would want for my garden decor but I can’t buy everything! So I put together a list of 10 farmhouse garden decor ideas that can be bought online, and if you are feeling creative some could be DIY. Plus some or all of these also, make […]

Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls – Quick Healthy Snack

You know those little healthy energy balls that you can buy at places like Whole Foods and Sprouts? My sister and I made some the other day and OMG, they are amazing! These little gems are also referred to as healthy bliss balls or energy bliss balls but call them what you like and I will call them delicious! Talk about simple and delicious! Chocolate coconut energy balls that are a quick healthy snack. Like, why buy them at the store when you can make them at home for cheaper and you probably already have some or most of the […]

DIY Sunflower Centerpiece – Easy Dollar Tree Craft

I know I have said it before if you have read some of my previous posts but I love Sunflowers and they were my mom’s favorite as well. One day I want to plant a lot of sunflowers in my backyard so I can enjoy their beauty. For now, I will look for different sunflower crafts that adults can make but also an easy enough arts and crafts project for kids. So when I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and I saw they had artificial sunflowers that actually look really nice, I bought a few (I had […]

Rustic Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas – Rustic Chic Wedding

Wedding season is upon us as it generally starts in late spring and continues into the fall, with weddings hitting their highest peak in June and September. Most weddings take at least a year to plan, so now is the time to start thinking about next year’s wedding decorations and what wedding theme decor you want to use. If you are like me and love farmhouse-style decor then you will want a farmhouse wedding theme and I think an outdoor venue is a perfect choice. Weddings are hectic enough without all the planning so I put together some rustic outdoor […]

Best Healthy Homemade Granola Recipe – Heart Healthy Nuts & Seeds

My sister has been making granola for years but I never really paid attention to how she made it, only when it came time to eat it. It always smells so good (like there should be a homemade granola candle) So it got me thinking that I want my house to smell like a granola candle and decided to try my hand at making it. The outcome is the best healthy homemade granola recipe with heart-healthy nuts and seeds that I have ever tasted, (no offense, Sis!). Granola is yummy eaten alone but put it on top of something and […]