Fall Table Decorating Ideas – Country Farmhouse Tables

Fall is right around the corner so now is the time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your country farmhouse tables. Fall table decor doesn’t have to be just centerpieces! It can be as simple as fall color linens, plates, and decorative glasses. I have seen some absolutely beautiful fall tables online and want to be able to share my ideas on how to decorate for fall. Plus, I may even learn something along the way! Especially how to DIY fall table decorations. So let’s talk about fall table decorating ideas for your country farmhouse tables! DIY […]

Farmhouse Fall Decor – Rustic And Country

Fall, also referred to as Autumn, is just around the corner. It starts at the beginning of September and goes until the end of November. So now is the time to start thinking about your fall farmhouse-style decor. There is so much to decorate for in the fall with Halloween and Thanksgiving in between it all. Farmhouse fall decor – rustic and country fits right into these holidays.   Farmhouse Fall Decorating Ideas I love this time of year as the days are a little cooler and the nights are perfect weather for sitting around a fire with a good […]

Creative Birdhouses – Farmhouse Garden Decor

If you are anything like me then you love being outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is relax on the patio and listen to nature while having my morning water or tea. I don’t have a backyard at the moment but every chance I get when house sitting for friends, I am sitting in their backyard.   Creative Birdhouses – Farmhouse Garden Decor So that gave me an idea to find some creative birdhouses – farmhouse style that can be purchased at the store, online, if you are feeling creative – DIY. There are so many cute but […]

Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Are you drawn to country decor and looking for country farmhouse decorating ideas? Decorating your home is an exciting and personal experience, and it’s important to have decor that speaks to you and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in your space, while still showing off your personal style.     Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas Country farmhouse design is a beautiful way to add personality to your home and create a welcoming space for you and your guests. Let’s take a look at some of the best country farmhouse decorating ideas that can help your home feel polished and stylish. […]

Glass Milk Bottles – The Perfect Farmhouse Decor

  When I think of a simple farmhouse decor accent, glass milk bottles come to mind. They come in all different sizes and have many unique uses. Not only can they be a pretty country accent on an end table filled with flowers,  they can also be used in a variety of different DIY projects around the home. Where To Buy Glass Milk Bottles I didn’t realize all the different places that glass milk bottles are sold both in-store and online. If you are looking for a Brick and Mortar store to buy farmhouse glass milk bottles then you can […]

Six Cheap Farmhouse Decor Ideas To Fit Any Budget

I have always loved all kinds of country decor but lately, I am obsessed with anything farmhouse. I am currently planning to build a house and I can’t wait to fill my new home with plenty of farmhouse accents. But let’s face it, whether buying or building,  a new home is not cheap. Since building a new home can be expensive I wanted to come up with some cheap farmhouse decor ideas that can fit anyone’s budget.     Save Money With These Cheap Farmhouse Decor Ideas You really just need to use your imagination and think outside the box when […]